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Impression Taking

You need to take a home impression before we can make your veneers.

Taking Your Impression

All clip on veneers will need to be made from a impression mould of your mouth, no matter what. You receive on our impression kits in the post once you have ordered: Most people will need to use 2x green and 2x white per impression It may seem daunting, just be confident and the quicker you send back a useable impression the faster you can have your teeth back.

  1. Our kit includes
  2. Impression putty Use 2x green and 2x white per tray
  3. Impression catalyst
  4. Lower tray
  5. Upper tray
  6. We email instructions as we like to do our bit for the environment.

Read the instructions and watch the video

Our Impression Taking Instruction Video

clip on veneer impression kit materials impression putty and catalyst with upper and lower tray

Note: Impressions taking is easy but can be tricky. The best way is to be confident and go for it.

Before taking a impression be aware that if you have any crowns, veneers or loose teeth you should wipe some vaseline over those areas of dentition. This stops the putty getting in to old margins on the crowns or grabbing and pulling your loose teeth.

Putty impression taking.

Impression kits have a silicon putty that is the same as you would have in the dental office. There is always a catalyst and a putty. You mix the two together and they set from about 30 seconds to 4 minutes. Most at home kits use the slower setting material as most people will be unfamiliar with the process.

Step 1

With clean hands mix the two putty's together in around 30 seconds. You don't want to wear gloves as the putty reacts better with bare skin.

impression putty and catalist impression putty and catalyst badly mixed putty badly mixed putty. You do not want marbling

Step 2

Make a cigar or sausage shape with the putty and lay it in the impression tray.  Pushing some of the putty to the front lip of the tray. You do this because you want the putty to grip well on the tray so your impression does not distort. You have around 1minute to do this. Don't wait too long.

image showing cigar shape putty cigar shape putty image showing how to push putty to the lip of tray push putty to the lip of the tray material in tray impression material sitting nicely in the tray putty not in tray properly impression putty not in tray correctly too far from tray front which will not get the front of teeth putty not in tray properly putty not in tray correctly, needs to go all the way round or it wont get the back teeth

Step 3

Using a mirror lay the tray in your mouth, you may need to pull your lips with a finger to fit the tray inside your mouth align the tray so your teeth look like they would go in the dead middle.

You want this as your teeth hitting the front of the tray would be a failed impression. If you have any loose or wobbly teeth them put some vaseline around that tooth. You have around 1 minute to do step 2 and 3. Don't wait too long or the putty will set.

Step 4

Place your thumbs under the tray and just push straight up. Just straight no lateral movement and your top lip when doing the upper will feel like it has got caught just un hook it carefully. Do not adjust or move your impression tray once you have pushed it up in any way as you will create a failed impression or double impression. This mean that when the model is made you will not have a true representation of  your dentition and it's very important that you provide the most accurate impression possible. That way your veneers fit great. Keep the impression in your mouth for 3 mins then carefully pull down and rock the tray from your back teeth side to side. You will feel the seal break and then you can lift it down.

image showing oushing tray with thumbs Push tray straight up with thumbs. unhooking lip from tray Unhooking lip from tray. unhooked lip from tray Unhooked lip from tray.

Step 5

Now you have your impression and hopefully you got it right.

When you buy clip in veneers form NYC veneers we offer free impression material if you get it wrong but we give you enough in your first kit to have a practise so it takes the pressure off.

Bad Impression Images

image showing double impression A double impression, meaning the tray was moved or adjusted once put in the mouth. teeth not in the centre of the tray Tray was pushed in the mouth with the teeth not lined up in the centre. The front teeth hit the tray. putty set There was not enough force used to pushed the tray in or too much time was taken and the putty set.

These are pictures of a good impression.

Good impression Good impression showing gingiva margin (gum line) and all tooth details. Good impression two Good impression showing all the details.

If you got it right then awesome send back your kit. If you purchased from us contact us here to get your shipping label. If you think you need another go then you can get in touch and we will send you out some more material too.