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The platinum clip on veneer is the conclusion where technology and art meet. With the most advanced technology and extensive design time we can make the most natural looking veneer. The material we use has natural light bouncing properties which makes the device look more natural than anything else you can buy.

What is Micron Detailing™

Micron Detailing™ is our very own system of creating the finest details in the veneer surface. This technology allows us to add definition and detailing to the highest standard.

Retention Technology™

Our veneer do not require tooth 4 and 5 and missing teeth are no problem. Our Retention Technology™ creates a system that uses each tooth for its own retention.

Who Are These For

These veneers are for those of you who need a new smile of an elite standard.  These veneers have many design hours to make the most beautiful realistic aesthetic possible.

Platinum Veneers Features

    • Amazing Translucent Material
    • For an Elite Smile Design
    • 3D Digital Design
    • Ultra HD Impression Scanning
    • Blue Light Polarisation​ Curing
    • Right Fit Retention Technology
    • Extensive Design Time
    • Fine Micron Thin Contouring
    • Digital Micro-scaling
    • Metal Storage Case
    • Limited Availability
    • Suitable for Missing Teeth
    • Suitable For Broken Teeth


Platinum Veneers allow you choose a smile shape from


Centrals: Square Round Laterals: Square Round Cuspids: Flat (with option to make slightly shorter)


Centrals: Square Round Laterals: Square Round Cuspids: Round


Centrals: Square Round Laterals: Short Square Round Cuspids: Pointed


Centrals: Square Round Laterals: Square Round Cuspids: Pointed

The Shades

We offer you three great shades.

Natural – This shade is an A1/B1 Shade a nice clean natural shade of tooth.

Natural White – This shade is our most popular. Compared to a BL3 its a beautiful bright clean white shade.

Super White –  This shade is actually super white like BL1 more suited to beauty shows and people wanting that super bright white look. Almost all customers who buy this end up buying another set in Natural white


Our skilled technicians will give your veneer character. Using highlights and shadows the areas of the veneer that can have characteristics added are; between the teeth (interproximal) and the lower edge.  For some of our older customers we even add stains to give the veneer a more aged appearance.

Eating and Drinking

We don’t recommend eating in any of our veneers. It can effect their life span. Although if you make the right choices then the veneers will function for you.  Soup or Salad rather then steak and burgers. We are telling you honestly and wont mislead you. Plus, honestly if any of you have ever worn clip on veneers before you will know that they are not amazing to eat in.

Extended Warranty

Sometimes things happen, You break your veneers or they become lost or damaged, maybe the dog ate them; What ever it is, if you have the extended warranty we will replace your veneers no quibbles. Even if you loose or damaged them* terms apply.

Express Delivery

Important event, getting married?  broken your a tooth in an accident? Don’t worry we got you covered we can ship your teeth out with a maximum turn around of 72 hours from receiving your impression. The impression has to be usable. Don’t worry all express customers get bundles of material and we will happily assist through the whole process.


Best Clip on Veneers will have you smiling again.



It is important to note that clip on veneers will always be thicker then your current teeth. Even with our micro fabricated thickness they will still be thicker and feel thicker until you become accustom to them. The mouth is a very sensitive place. There can also be 1% of tooth showing in the veneer and up to 1mm of thickness in places and edentulous areas for strength if your case requires.  Find Out More 

Best Clip on Veneers will have you smiling again.

Additional information


Upper & Lower, Upper, Lower


Natural, Natural White, Super White


Yes, No

20 reviews for Platinum Clip On Veneers

  1. Cheryl

    *Life Story Alert*
    You could call me a bit of a clip on veneer veteran. I have been to a few different companies and have not been too successful. well that is not completely true. I have not got what i have expected is probably more of a better description. So you understand me a little bit I suffered with a eating disorder and that left with me very bad worn, uneven and incredibly stained awful looking teeth. I brought in to the dream with a few companies. The dream never came true. I had bulky thick veneers to plastic gum shield style teeth. You could say picture perfect but not good enough for people to see with out noticing. I gave up then I saw these guys pop up on an advert on my social media and when looking into them i see everything was different from the shading colours and how they talk about the process. I decided to go for it after some pondering and a few chats with them over messenger and let them make me a smile. All i can say is wow. No plastic gum shield and no unreal looking smile. These veneers actually look like teeth, like real teeth. They look amazing. They also only cover the front teeth so no lisp and clunky feeling. I’m so happy and wish I could upload a photo here. Of them in though. I wouldn’t show you my before. Because I’ m too self conscious. I’m so happy. I recommend them to every one. Thanks again Cheryl

  2. Chole

    smiles smiles smiles. That’s me I love them and me new smile.
    Natural top and bottom

    • admin

      Glad You love them 🙂 BCOV

  3. sarah

    Great Company. Got my veneers in 5 days. They are so beautiful. xx

    • admin

      So happy you’re happy x

  4. Derek Peters

    Love my veneers, they look so real great customer service. Couldn’t be more pleased

  5. Wendy

    So apparently i’m not suitable. culd of told be before i had paid to send back the mould things they send you. What a waste of time. Even though i got a full refund they should of told me before. What a joke! Avoid

    • admin

      Hello Wendy.
      We are sorry you feel this way but sometimes it is just not possible for us to make a veneer for some people. You didn’t have enough teeth to support the veneer. We did however provide you a full refund as we do for all non suitable customers. Kind Regards BCOV

  6. Diane

    I now smile and am so confident. I had a missing and broken front tooth. I cant thank you enough. Live changing. The whole experience has been brilliant. Your team was so so helpful. The quality of the product is great. The little tins you send aswell are cute. Thank you again. Diane x

  7. jamie

    When i first got them they were all one colour pretty much. Mike at customer service explained that if you want the to look more like natural teeth you need shading. He asked me to send the veneers in and he would get the shading added for me. What a difference. He explained that non shaded look more like veneers the dentist gives you for Hollywood and celebrity style smiles. I wanted a more naturl look. Wish i knew this before.

  8. Jade Roberts

    The company is a joke. Ive sent back my impressions three times to be told each time apparently they are not good enough. I’m sick of it. I just want my money back but apparently im not entitled to a refund. Terrible company. Dont waste you money. Go to the dentist instead

    • admin

      Dear Jade,
      Our policy once you have had multiple impression kits is not to offer a full refund. You would not accept a partial refund. We recommend that you try our other material or have your impression taken from a dentist. We have sent you an email.
      Kind Regards

  9. Anonymous

    I have the most beautiful smile. Fast delivery and a great service thank you. x

  10. Charlotte

    It took my while to get my impression right. It was annoying but I understood that the results of the veneer depend on this mould. They sent my some different material and it was so much easier. So glad I chose this company.

  11. j

    Clip On Veneers Dont Look no further. Love this veneers. My Smile is banging

  12. Nancy Hugh

    I can finally smile again, I love my new smile soo much.

  13. Graham Tyke.

    My veneers are amaizng.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. Ted Davies.

    My teeth look absolutely amazing. I’m glad I made this purchase.

  15. Ralph Thomas.

    Nice one, thank you.

  16. Fionia Hopkins.

    These veneers have changed my life, I’ve got so much more confidence. I’m so much more happier and that is because of my new veneers.

    Thank you so much.

  17. Julia Bright

    Love my veneers. When I recieved them, they were a tiny bit too tight. I quite simply sent these back, and they sorted them out for me and sent them straight back. Fantatsic customer service. Thanks

  18. Rebecca Connors.

    I’m over the moon.
    Thank you for your hard work and time. I appreciate it.

  19. Grace Hamlets.

    Thank you soooo much.

  20. Justine Bately.

    Got these as a birthday present. I will be ordering another set and letting everyone I know how amazing they are.

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