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We offer Clip on Veneers using the very latest technology through manufacturing.  To make you the perfect smile.  Our veneers have Micron Detailing™,  Retention Technology™ and our very own proprietary translucent light reflecting material to give you the most realistic looking veneer.

What is Micron Detailing™

Micron Detailing™ is our very own system of creating the finest details in the veneer surface. This technology allows us to add definition and detailing to the highest standard.

Retention Technology™

Our veneer do not require tooth 4 and 5 and missing teeth are no problem. Our Retention Technology™ creates a system that uses each tooth for its own retention.

Who Are These For

These veneers are for someone who wants a smile that is affordable. You will look fantastic and with them being super thin at under 0.4mm in places its a look you can be confident with.  Our aim is to make you not only look, but feel your best.

Premium Veneers Features

    • Laboratory Direct Processing
    • 3D Dental Scanning
    • 3D Digital Design to limit thickness
    • Machine Buffed
    • Metal Storage Case
    • Standard 30 Day Processing*
    • Suitable for Missing Teeth
    • Suitable For Broken Teeth

The Shades

We offer you three great shades.

Natural – This shade is an A1/B1 Shade a nice clean natural shade of tooth.

Natural White – This shade is our most popular. Compared to a BL3 its a beautiful bright clean white shade.

Super White –  This shade is actually super white like BL1 more suited to beauty shows and people wanting that super bright white look. Almost all customers who buy this end up buying another set in Natural white


Our skilled technicians will give your veneer character. Using highlights and shadows the areas of the veneer that can have characteristics added are; between the teeth (interproximal) and the lower edge.  For some of our older customers we even add stains to give the veneer a more aged appearance.

Eating and Drinking

We don’t recommend eating in any of our veneers. It can effect their life span. Although if you make the right choices then the veneers will function for you.  Soup or Salad rather then steak and burgers. We are telling you honestly and wont mislead you. Plus, honestly if any of you have ever worn clip on veneers before you will know that they are not amazing to eat in.

Extended Warranty

Sometimes things happen, You break your veneers or they become lost or damaged, maybe the dog ate them; What ever it is, if you have the extended warranty we will replace your veneers no quibbles. Even if you loose or damaged them* terms apply.

Express Delivery

Important event, getting married?  broken your a tooth in an accident? Don’t worry we got you covered we can ship your teeth out with a maximum turn around of 72 hours from receiving your impression. The impression has to be usable. Don’t worry all express customers get bundles of material and we will happily assist through the whole process.


Best Clip on Veneers will have you smiling again.

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Upper & Lower, Upper, Lower


Natural, Natural White, Super White


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24 reviews for Premium Clip On Veneers

  1. Emma

    Great customer service and great veneers. I love that I can smile again. Thank you

  2. n/a

    Love my veneers. Really helpful. Thanks again

  3. Alan Peters

    Amazing, life changing. I have tried with a couple of other veneer companies. These were the best for me

  4. gemma

    great veneers, great service. I will be back for a second set 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    I got my veneers in super white. Even though they asked me if I was sure i went ahead anyway. They are like well too white for me. They recoloured them for me at charge of £40. Now I absolutely love them. The reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is on one of back teeth I can see a bit of my old tooth. Apparently it is because of my impression. would recommend to my friends if I didn’t tell them I had real veneers 😉

  6. Kirsty Holmes.

    Great customer service, veneers are beautifully made, and come within the 7 days.

    I’m thrilled with mine.
    Thanks again.

  7. Andrew Moore

    Really fantastic service.
    My veneers come within the time limit of 7 days.
    . Can’t wait to show them off to all my friends and family.

    Thanks again.

  8. Jamie Godfrey

    Highly recommend.

    Thank you guys.

  9. Heidi Anders.

    Thank you so so so much for my new smile, I’ve gained so much more confidence and its changed my life for the better.
    I’m forever grateful.
    Thank you.

  10. Damien Marsh

    Fantastic new smile, thanks a lot chaps.

  11. Charlotte Peters.

    So glad I took the risk and made this purchase.

    Kept me reassured through out the process now I have my dream smile.
    Highly recommend.

  12. Katie Knight

    Soo happy, couldn’t have asked for a more smoother, easy process.

  13. Vanessa Page.

    I’ve finally ordered mine, so far the process has been smooth and stress free. I am on my final stage and my veneers will be completed and sent out next week.
    Im sooooo excited.

  14. Nelly kirk

    I’ve ordered mine, they come in the stated time easy and stress free. I had ordered a second set, which they forgot to put in my parcel. But as soon as I let them know, they sent them the same day.

    I Iove mine.

  15. Tracey Mills.

    Lovely, highly recommend.

  16. Zac Hughes.

    Finally I can smile again, thanks a billion you guys.

  17. Maisy Green

    So glad I finally decided to order. 100% do not regret.

    Do it guys, its worth every penny.

  18. Hugo Kyle.

    Amazing thanks so much.

  19. Wendy Kite

    Saved up for so long for these and this is the best thing I’ve done.
    This has changed my life.
    Thanks so much.

  20. Tiffany Folk

    Waiting on my veneers, but am so excited. I’ll. Let everyone know what they are like once I’ve got mine.


  21. Tony Cage

    Love my new smile.
    Thank you so much for your help.

  22. Thomas Burn


  23. Saffron Barker.

    Took longer than I would have liked, but it took a few turns with the impression. Friendly helpful service.

  24. CARLY Smith

    Thank you for all your help, patience and for making me a beautiful smile.

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