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Affordable Solutions to False Teeth

False teeth or fake teeth are basically that you call traditional device that are used to help wen you have missing teeth. Today you will be pleased to find out there are more options then just dentures.

Options From Your Dentist

Your dentist will only offer a select amount of options to deal with missing teeth. Most of them are pretty invasive and involve surgery.

Lets take a look at these. Dental Implants and implant retained dentures are the most invasive and the most expensive. You can learn more about how dental implants here. In summery though they replace the tooth root with titanium screws and then put a tooth on the top. So you can either have a bridge of teeth, single implants or a complete denture with gingiva or gum.

The negative to these treatments is they’re very invasive and have long healing periods and if you have poor hygiene and smoke the implants can fail. There is a condition called peri-implantitis which is the infection and when this is present the bone can fail to grow around the implant. The bone growth process is called osseointegration Once your implants fail you will have to have new ones placed at more expense. Dental implants and implant retained dentures and bridges can cost unto £100,000. If this fails you not be able to afford to have it done again and have to pay finance of for filed treatment and still be left with no teeth. The other issues with these is you can get what is called food trapping which can create really bad breath.

Fixed Bridges or bridges is like what it sounds and is best made with acetyl flexi resin claps as when the metal is used it slowly erodes the healthily teeth that it uses to support the gap and over time the healthy teeth will be lost to this device.

Partial Dentures- this is like a denture only smaller and is used when there are only a few missing teeth. The pink plastic for the gingiva or gum areas cover the roof of the mouth and other areas making eating and drinking less enjoyable.

Dentures - For all missing teeth. The teeth are in a complete plastic copy of your upper and lower jaws. Lots of people don’t like this as there is a lot of plastic in your mouth with these solutions.

False Teeth Cost Fake teeth using any of the above listed options are very expensive. There is another solution a more affordable less invasive solution and that is clip on veneers from BCOV

clip on veneer with staining

The Benefits of Clip on Veneers

With BCOV you can have clip in veneers for as little as £169.99 for a full set of lower or upper teeth. Making them a great alternative to more expensive and invasive solutions to missing teeth.

The advantages of press in veneers from BCOV are:

A Brand New Beautiful Smile in as little as 7 days

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